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Origami Giraffe

How To Make An Origami Giraffe Since this Origami Giraffe consists of two parts, head and body, that are made separately and glued together …


Origami Swan

How To Make An Origami Swan This Origami Swan is one of the cool varieties of an Origami Swans. The folds are …


Origami Angelfish

How To Make An Origami Angelfish This origami fish closely resembles the Angelfish! Using striped paper will give it an even better look. …


Origami Balloon

How To Make An Origami Balloon Also know as the Origami Ball. Surprised?! Yes, you can actually make a ball out of …


Origami 3D Star

How To Make An Origami 3D Star This is a very unique Origami 3D Star. Making these stars takes strips of paper …


The Origami Crane

 The Most Famous Origami, The Origami Crane! The best known origami model is probably the Japanese Paper Crane. The Crane is one of …