Origami Motorboat

Origami Motorboat

How To Make An Origami Motorboat – Boat 03

When I was a young kid, my uncle taught me how to make this Origami Motorboat. I was excited and extremely happy because neither of my friends knew how to make a motorboat like this.  The most common origami models that kids knew how to make back then, were the Origami Boat, the Origami Airplane or the Origami Fortune Teller.

The step I liked most, was when you need to push the upper side of the boat towards your forehead to turn it inside out. I thought it was a very special and hard trick that not very many people knew about. Instead of showing the forehead trick on the video, I used the table in front of me to push down on the boat in order to turn it inside out.

When I was young, I would place the boat on the water and watch it for hours. I also used to make two of them, out of newspaper, so I could wear them as shoes and walk all around the house until I wore them out.

I’m sure you will enjoy making this Motorboat like I did when I was young. Watch the video and make one along with me! I hope it makes good memories for you as it did for me.

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