Tumbling Thief Knot, Center-Tucked

Tumbling Thief Knot, Centre-tucked - Bend

How To Tie A Tumbling Thief Knot, With A Center-Tucked

The Tumbling Thief Knot was used by sailors for its resemblance of the Reef Knot. When sailors sent their packages home or to someone else, they would use this knot to secure the package. The sailors hoped if a mischievous person saw the knot, they would think it was a Reef Knot. And after opening the package, the mischievous person would reseal it backup with a Reef Knot. When the person received the package or when the sailor got home from his trip, they would see that the knot was different from the original knot. And they would know that the package was opened, and something could be possibly missing or the contents could have been read.

In this video we tie a Tumbling Thief Knot, but at the end, we tuck the ends into the center. This makes the knot thicker and more robust for larger ropes. The Tumbling Thief Knot, Centre-tucked is a great knot to use for small loads, but is unreliable in most cases. If you tuck the ends, like what we did here, it makes it a stronger bind.

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