Carrick Bend With Ends Opposed

Carrick Bend With Ends Opposed

How To Tie A Carrick Bend With Ends Opposed

The Carrick bend is used to join two lines together. This Carrick Bend is made with the ends opposing each others. Even thought the Carrick Bend is known for its strength, tests have shown that it reduces the strength of the rope by 65 percent. But, the main beauty of this knot is that it works well with very heavy ropes or cables that are too large and stiff to be formed into other common bends. It also has the luxury of not jamming even after being used with very heavy loads or being soaked in water. When this knot is used in a decorative fashion, it is known as the Josephine knot (For Macrame) or a Double Coin Knot (For Chinese knotting). Some of the names for this knot are Carrick bend, Ten Accord Knot, Bosun’s Knot, Basket weave Knot,  Josephine Knot, Whistle Lanyard, Sailor’s Breastplate Knot, Sailors knot, Pretzel Knot, Wake Knot…

We also show you how to make a Carrick Bend With Ends Adjacent.

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